Tauranga Chiropractic Care

Having established the Bay SportsMed chiropractic brand of care, demand has now meant the team needs another chiropractor. So we welcome Ryan Howe. Potentially Ryan is the fastest chiropractor in NZ, based on his 100m times! He brings a wealth of knowledge with him and is already proving to be a real hit with the patients.

Ryan Howe (BSc Chiro)
Associate Chiropractor at Bay SportsMed

Pat Wigley
(B PhEd, Grad Dip Marketing, B Sc Chiro, Grad Dip Sec)

Pat completed a Bachelor of Physical Education at Otago University (1994), then continued his studies to graduate as a Chiropractor (2001). Since then he has gained a Certificate in Proficiency in Chiropractic Management of Extremities and an Advanced Kinesio Taping Certification.

Pat first opened a chiropractic clinic in South Auckland (2001). In 2003 his clinic won the Auckland Regional Business Awards in the following categories: the Excellence in Service Delivery, Best Emerging Business and Overall Supreme Excellence Awards.

Looking for a change in lifestyle, Pat moved with his family to Tauranga. He believed Tauranga needed a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare practitioners providing patients treatment and care in one convenient single location. What has resulted is Bay SportsMed, the first chiropractic or physiotherapy clinic to make it as a finalist in the 2013 Tauranga Business Awards. Two years on and at the 2015 Westpac Tauranga Awards, Bay SportsMed was announced as a finalist in the Retail and Service Excellence Award and we won the Small Business Award. A first for Tauranga!

Pat is the only Chiropractor in New Zealand to have dual success in two different cities. His philosophy is simple, provide patients with affordable and results driven chiropractic care in a friendly environment!

About Chiropractic Care

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care focuses on a healthy spine and nervous system with the aim being to remove stresses on the nervous system so the body can heal itself.  Chiropractors examine the body, identifying any spinal misalignments or stress that is affecting performance, and realign the spine by applying controlled, direct pressure.

Chiropractic care is about helping your body work at its best, not just about sore backs!

Who Needs a Chiropractor

Anyone that wants to reduce muscle tension, increase joint mobility and have their nervous system function effectively can benefit from Chiropractic care – babies, adults, seniors, pregnant women and atheletes.

Will I be x-rayed?

Bay SportsMed does not do onsite x-rays. If the chiropractor (as a result of a thorough initial consultation) requires a medical x-rays then they can refer you to Med Ex Radiology (specialist medical radiographers) who are located within 2 minutes of the clinic.

My Chiropractic Appointment

What can I expect?

Chiropractic examinations consist of comprehensive muscle, othopaedic and neurological tests. These are usually carried out through light clothing or you will be appropriately gowned. If you require further tests (e.g. x-rays) you will be referred accordingly (Bay SportsMed has x-ray services only 2 minutes away).
If your case is not suitable for Chiropractic care, you will be advised and referred to the appropriate health care provider.

How long is an appointment?

• Initial appointment are up to 30 minutes
• Follow up appointments are up to 15 minutes

Is my appointment covered by ACC?

Your injury will be covered by ACC if it meets the criteria as set by ACC:
• You have suffered a personal injury
• The injury occured at a specific moment in time
• It involves an external force
• Your injury has occured within the past year

Your Chiropractor will lodge your ACC claim for you if appropriate, you do not need to do this prior to your visit.
There are certain injuries that ACC may cover that do not meet the above criteria. If you think you have such an injury, you will need to discuss this with your Bay SportsMed practitioner.

What do I wear/bring to my appointment?

Wear clothes that are comfortable. Please bring along any additional important information you may have e.g. x-rays, previous treatment plans or referrals from another specialist.

Do I have to book an appointment in advance?

Call Bay SportsMed and we should be able to offer you an appointment on the day.
(07) 577 9222