Bay Sports Centre

Bay SportsMed is a small business that sets the bar high in terms of delivering an award winning service. It's little surprise that Dr Pat Wigley (who has helped athletes up to Olympic level) has set up the Bay Sports Centre with the same philosophy, that is to offer athletes a great experience in assisting them to achieve their goals.

For those athletes that are selected for the Bay Sports Centre they can choose any or all of the following: goal setting, periodisation planning, strength and conditioning advice, gait analysis, nutrition advice, injury management, training gear and access to a Sports Doctor.

Currently all spaces have been filled for 2017, but those athletes who wish to apply for the 2018 intake can call Bay SportsMed and arrange a time to talk with Dr Pat. Spaces are limited! Young or old it's not about High Performance but the Athlete's Performance and attitude.

Here are just some of the recent Bay Sports Centre results:


Joseph Millar - I had the best start to my Competition Season ever, clocking 10.61sec for the 100m in a Pre Season race. I have since run a 100m PB in 10.18 sec (the fastest time ever run by a Kiwi on home turf) and I am now NZ's fastest man ever over 200m on the track. The Bay Sports Centre offers a truly supportive and results driven environment for me. Knowing I have great advice, fantastic support and knowledge off the track allows me to just focus on running fast on the track..... here is some of my recent You Tube footage against Usain Bolt!

YouTube Video

Team Work:

The 2017 Tauranga City United Womens Football Team. To see the significant benefits of Bay Sports Centre work within a team dynamic then have a look at


At 79, I met Pat, and we talked about setting a challenging but realistic goal. Following the Bay Sports Centre plan I was able to do the Tongariro Crossing with my family on my 80th birthday. To train and then cross the finish line at 80 was an amazing experience. Thanks Bay Sports Centre.